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Posted a message for VCitizens only.

Posted a message for VCitizens only.

Hi all,

1 - there was a network problem today - by now it has been fixed by the ISPs Network Operations Center (NOC).

2 - We changed our good old site from scratch:
- Completely different layout which is adjusts to the endusers device (good for mobile, tablets and comps)
- Universal and faster uploader for all devices

Not finished yet…but 90% of the pages have been converted. And not fine-tuned yet, e.g. the colors. However it is robust and you can play with it. And whatever we learn from there will then be applied to VCity and VoyeurClouds fast, especially when it comes to the so called "responsive layout" which adjust to the size of the screen of your device. Well..I am not a big friend of that because somehow those layouts all look the same and all look somehow generic. But want do you want us to do? Here at VC 33% are using comps, 33% tablets and 33% mobiles. That does not leave us any room for a "preferred" enduser screen dimension and we have to cover all of them…

Due to internet network problems not related to us, you might suffer from very slow connectivity to all our sites. The responsible NOC is working on it and will solve the problem within (hopefully) 20 mins.

VCity Themes - VCity Themes - VCity Themes!

Hi VCity!!
I hope everybody is doing great!! It is about time to come up with new themes and challenges! Effective immediately you can find these new themes:

1. Seasonal Theme good for pice and vids: Sexy Halloween. I think the theme explains itself.
2. Video challenge: Pantyless Drive!!! Drive or ride a car without wearing your panties. PLEASE: If she operates the car without panties, he can handle the video recording. If she is placed in on the codriver seat, HE should drive and she should do a selfie video. DO NOT OPERATE A CAR WHILE FILMING YOUR GIRLS PUSSY!! PLEASE!!
3. My birthday is coming up very soon and I decided to ask you for a selfish wish….which of course is a good old WFI!!!! Pics or video…whatever you like!

Good luck, great photo ops and all the best


Attention Copyrats:
VCity is a place to post YOUR OWN pics ONLY! YOUR OWN PICS means that you shot the pics. It does not mean that you copied the pics!
I advised our admins to focus on copyrats for the next 5 days and to ban and block those forever. There is no point to post copied pics. This place is about REAL people - and there is zero tolerance for psychos, alter-egos and fake wives and girlfriend. You can find those all over the internet…so simply delete your bookmark to vCity and play your stupid games somewhere else because this great community doesn't need and doesn't want to look at your fake posts.

3 posters were banned last nite already. Who wants to be next?

(This announcement will be bumped to the top of many walls every few hours)

Attention all Apple Mobile Users:

Apple released iOS8.02 seven hours ago and we tested it. The safari upload bug has been fixed and several other issues have been solved too. We recommend strongly to install iOS8.02 as soon as possible.

Regarding VC: You will be able to upload pics and vids to VC again and you will notice that VCity pages appear much faster on your mobile apple device now.

More about iOS8 problems and safari uploads etc - most important is the last sentence!!

"24SEP 2014, Cupertino: Apple released an update to the latest version of its mobile operating system iOS 8, and then almost as quickly pulled it.

The new version, 8.01, fixes a number of problems, chief among them a bug in Apple's consumer health data platform HealthKit.

However, the new update also came with some new problems. Several people who have downloaded the update say they are now having problems with the iPhone's fingerprint reader, and several others report that the update is causing interruption of cellular service .

A slew of HealthKit-based apps were supposed to show up in the app store last week, but a last-minute bug in HealthKit prevented their releases. Many of the apps removed the HealthKit technology so that they could launch on schedule with iOS 8.

The HealthKit problem now fixed, the apps can build HealthKit integration back in. Some developers VentureBeat has spoken with say their updated apps will launch next week.

The new update intends to resolve a number of issues, including:

Fixes a bug so HealthKit apps can now be made available on the App Store
Addresses an issue where 3rd party keyboards could become deselected when a user enters their passcode
Fixes an issue that prevented some apps from accessing photos from the iPhoto Library
Improves the reliability of the Reachability feature on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
Fixes an issue that could cause unexpected cellular data usage when receiving SMS/MMS messages
Better support of Ask To Buy for Family Sharing for in-app purchases
Fixes an issue where ringtones were sometimes not restored from iCloud backups
Fixes a bug that prevented uploading photos and videos from Safari


We know that users running iOS8 on their iPhones, iPads etc cannot upload pics or videos to VC as well as to many other websites. The problem is caused by iOS8 and not by us.

Apple fixed the problem already and included the fix into their iOS8.01 update. However Apple REMOVED the iOS8.01 update from their servers a few hours ago because iOS8.01 suffered from other more severe problems not related to file upload.

Please wait for the release of iOS8.01 (or maybe they call it iOS8.02)..there is nothing else we can do right now. OR: User google chrome on your iOS devices..that should work for pics (but not for video upload). Video upload on google chrome does not work because of another bug in iOS8 which should else be fixed shortly by Apple.

Hi VCity!!!!

Several theme contests finished and new themes were announced today and yesterday!

1 - Boobs Selfie: A simple one for everybody…she can hide or cover her face if she wants to!!! Please remember, that the selfie has to be taken WITH A MIRROR!!

2 - Street Voyeurism: We received so many sexy street pics lately, that we launched the "Street Voyeur Contest! The pic must be truly voyeuristic and the theme is reserved for true voyeurs. No posed pics, no girlfriend and wife pics please!!!

3 - Pants Down: Another easy and simple theme. The model must visibly wear PANTS, which are pulled down a little bit or a little bit more…hehehe!!! It is NOT OK to ONLY wear panties, thongs and so on!!!

4 - Threesome VIDEO: Something for the wild "experts" on VCity!!!

5 - Solo Fun in the Tub VIDEO: Lets see some "wet" solo fun!!!! Please remember that this theme is reserved for FEMALES only…of course!

6 - Spread Eagle: I hope the this theme is self-explaining...


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